Brandi Glanville & Jenny McCarthy Behave Badly On Watch What Happens Live

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 and  appeared on an explosive episode of  last night. The dynamic out-spoken duo, joined forces for a WWE tag team smack down of epic proportions.

The “classy” ladies held no punches when they unleashed a can of whoop-ass on , and more. There was no holds barred among the two “no-filter” starlets.

First up, Kenya Moore. Glanville responded to Kenya’s comments from her appearance on the previous night (Sunday). The former beauty queen made the following comment

“a** clown” and an “idiot” This was Kenya’s response to Brandi’s allege “racial slur” towards .

“Kenya wh*re?” Brandi asked, before commenting Kenya’s comments were out-of-line. Brandi didn’t stop there, she went on to criticize the former Miss USA’s make-up choices. “I still think she needs something … that dark, dark make up and it’s just really ashy and weird,” Brandi said.

Now onto the shenanigans of Jenny McCarthy’s comments. The topic of Julie Chen of The Talk remarks regarding Jenny’s new gig at  Julie Chen said she thought Jenny was a poor fit for The View and would be better suited at The Talk. Apparently, Jenny was a candidate to co-host The Talk and turned it down in lieu of co-hosting The ViewJenny said she didn’t mind the knock and followed with:

“Maybe jealously makes the claws come out a little.” Followed by Brandi adding her two-year old, two cents “she can suck it!”

Jenny also weighed in on the “Brandi vs. ” feud. She analyzed whether is being a true friend or just looking after her spin-off, Vanderpump Rules. Jenny feels Lisa is using Brandi to bring added exposure to her show Vanperpump Rules. Isn’t this the other way around?

Up next for the onslaught is, LeAnn Rimes. During a juicy word association game, LeAnn Rimes name comes up and Jenny barked “HPV.” Brandi, having claimed to contracted HPV by former husband Eddie Cibrian, followed with “80% of  adults have HPV,” and Brandi’s first word she thinks of when it comes to LeAnn is “singer.” The dynamic duo also both agreed on the word “child molester” when Woody Allen’s name came up.

Watch videos of the Brandi Glanville & Jenny McCarthy WWE Tag Team On WWHL:


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