Blind Item: Which Two Real Housewives Have More In Common Than Peach Pickin’ and Scrumptious Eatin’

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Blind Item2

These two “Real Housewives” have more in common than peach pickin’ and scrumptious eatin’. For the purpose of this blind item, we will refer to them as whore#1 and whore#2. Both are successful in their own careers off camera. One touts herself as the “belle of the ball.” The other is more laid back and focused on her career, mama, child, man and her food.

Both are close friends and share a unique history. The ladies are connected by an oath…the oath of whore-ism! These two have slept with more than 20 of the same men.  Back then, they preferred rich men….entertainers, drug dealers, athletes and music industry insiders, especially thugs. The driving force behind their promiscuous behavior was money and of course…the love of whoring.

These two were basically hookers back in the day and share a common bond. One of their previous sexual conquest “tried” to turn a ho-into-a-housewife under his wife’s nose (at the time). Whore#1 was engaged to said “sexual conquest” who is now deceased and his ex-wife hates whore#1 for sleeping with her then husband. As it turns out, whore#2 also slept with the “now deceased man” and his ex-wife hates whore#2 because of it. The two “ladies” bonded over this scandalous connection.

This ex-wife is not the only one, apparently there is a long list of ex-wives and ex-girlfriends that hate whore#1 and whore#2. The whoring runs DEEP between these two woman. Whore#2 is also accused of running a prostitution ring (back in the day) and is tied to other criminal activities.

They both share a love of men, big booty’s, strippers, dildos, vibrators and frequently engage in sex parties.

Hmmmm….any idea who they might be?

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