RHOA: Kenya Moore’s Castmates Blame Her For Last Sunday’s Brawl

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Kenya Moore

After watching last Sunday’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta many viewers cringed at the melee that took place between cast members. The Twitterverse exploded with many twitters confused and asking who started the fight. Many have differing theories but the one name that keeps resonating is “Kenya Moore.”

Cast members took to the media to speak out!

RT @nina_grubbs@NeNeLeakes..We the viewers saw it all. KENYA was wrg 4 bng late, gettn out of her seat, approaching Chris wife

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) January 27, 2014


RT @vfbrooks12@NeNeLeakes Kenya brings much negativity 2 the RHOA & she is just down-right mean & filled 2 the brim wit jealousy

— NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) January 27, 2014


Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, Peter Thomas and NeNe Leakes all blame fellow co-star, Kenya Moore.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey on Watch What Happens Live

Watch Cynthia’s response on Watch What Happens Live:


Phaedra Park’s Response To the Brawl:

Peter Thomas Side Of The Story:

“All of that was so explosive. It happened so fast. Apollo [Nida] got up to help me hold Brandon back while Gregg [Leakes] and Todd [Tucker] took Christopher the other way, but Brandon was so aggressive and so hype that he accidentally hit Apollo and that’s what made Apollo flip.”

It’s really a shame. I never thought that someone would hit me, especially when I was kinda trying to defuse the situation. I just saw a lot of rage in his eyes. All I know, I got hit and I just got really carried away.

If I’m breaking up a fight and I accidentally get hit, I’m probably not going to react that way, but it wasn’t just the accidental hit. You can hear [Brandon] say, ‘Oh, you wanna fight, too?’”

No one is proud of what happened, including Apollo. Everyone is ashamed.”


Nene Leakes Posted The Following Message On Twitter:

Nene Leakes

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