RHONJ: An Open Letter to Supporters of Teresa & Joe Giudice

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Teresa & Joe Giudice

Dear TreHuggers:

How can you proudly refer to yourself as a TreHugger with knowledge of Teresa Giudice’s 41 count federal indictment? Teresa and her hubby Joe spent $11 million to appear wealthy and get on the Real Housewives of NJ television show.  The government allege the couple lived a luxurious lifestyle all obtained through fraudulent means.   Many families have suffered on the account of the Giudice’s funding their lavish lifestyle on the backs of hard-working people, who entered into business with them on good faith.  After burning through $11 million, Teresa and Joe filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009 to avoid paying their creditors. Read the 41 count federal indictment here.

As an American taxpayer, you do yourself a huge disservice by not educating yourself on the federal charges, as 41 counts of fraud is no small matter.  The trickle-down effect of their crimes are far-reaching, beyond some silly reality show.  This is not merely a bankruptcy or tax evasion case.  They are facing a multitude of very serious charges which can result in a 50 year prison sentence for each.  According to the feds, Teresa and Joe allegedly stole $4.6 million from six different banks. Renovated their NJ mansion for $100,000+ and ran up charges at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom then stiffed all those businesses.  The list of creditors they owe are endless.

Many of you argue, the government would never send a mother of four to prison. How could a mother who claims to “love” her girls willfully subject them to the shame, embarrassment and scrutiny of reality television?  Teresa is going through a very public legal scandal yet told Andy Cohen she would love to return for Season six.  Have they not suffered enough? Sadly, Teresa was not thinking about her girls while she was allegedly committing fraud so stop expecting anyone else to care. Especially those who are not her fans. Sympathizing with a criminal because she’s a mother is not a feasible enough argument to dismiss her criminal misdeeds.

Then there’s Teresa’s husband, Joe, who was also charged with 41 counts of fraud. Joe gleefully declared on WWHL that he drives drunk routinely but the one time he chose to drive sober, he was arrested for DUI.  He laughed while making this statement, I assume placing public lives at risk is a big joke to him which would explain his long history of driver’s license suspensions. While I’m on the subject of placing public lives at risk, have you seen the news footage of the poor families that were temporarily displaced by Joe’s actions? He almost killed innocent tenants (who paid their rent and heating bills) who were forced out of their apartments in the freezing cold.  All because Joe didn’t pay his PSE&G bills and had an outstanding balance of $53,000. Joe sought to rectify the situation by installing an illegal generator, one that caused a carbon monoxide leak throughout the entire building. All the occupants had to be immediately evacuated by the Fire Marshal. Click here for the full news report and video revealing Joe’s indifference to the people he nearly killed.

The two individuals you idolize ran a crime syndicate for 8 years. Stealing and defrauding innocent victims with no remorse for the destruction left in their wake. They currently live the high life, enjoying the spoils of their criminal career…designer clothes, luxury cars, mansions, lavish parties…all on the American public’s dime!

Allowing habitual criminals to roam the streets victimizing businesses and citizens would be reckless of our government. If all criminals with kids were overlooked, our society would be like the wild wild west. Do you ever consider how Teresa and Joe’s actions affected, and continue to affect their victims?

Right and wrong are not foreign concepts to most.  Fundamentally, ones moral compass should govern their thoughts and behaviors. Therefore…stealing, lying, not paying taxes, bank fraud, mail/wire fraud, drunk driving and leaving tenants without heat are shameful and inexcusable actions that should not be idolized.

In closing, I pose two questions to you 1) How do you justify Teresa & Joe’s nefarious acts with your moral compass? 2) Is your own personal belief system serving as a guide for what is morally right and wrong?


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