Mob Wives Recap: “Purgatory” [Episode 9]

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The best moments of last night’s Mob Wives that stood out were: Natalie‘s Halloween party, Drita rapping with the legendary rapper Method Man and Renee‘s text message to Natalie about the Vegas trip.

The episode begins with Renee visiting Big Ang at her house. Renee tells Ang about her meeting with Alicia and how badly it turned out. Simultaneously, Natalie and Alicia are discussing the “sit down” and Alicia’s version is the exact opposite of Renee’s. Looks like both women are convinced the other is wrong and no reconciliation is in sight. Alicia says people are telling her Renee is talking about her and Renee denies it and wants nothing to do with Alicia.

Drita, Big Ang, Natalie and Alicia meet at haunted house/pumpkin patch for some ghoulish laughs and high jinks. The ladies then discuss Natalie’s upcoming Halloween bash at her family owned funeral home business. The conversation quickly turns into whether or not Renee should be invited. It’s decided Renee will be invited and Natalie shoots off a text message inviting Renee to the party.

Drita wants to be a rapper, she writes a rap and lays down the track in the studio where she’s surprised by a special guest, legendary rapper, Method Man of the rap group WuTang Clan. Method Man was gracious to mentor and give Drita some much needed help with her lyrics. An aspiring rapper at Drita’s age? Ah hell, anyone can pursue their dream at any age!

Big Ang took to Twitter to encourage and support Drita’s rapping endeavor:

Natalie throws a “freaky” Halloween party at her family-owned funeral home. This was my favorite part of last night’s episode. Natalie’s custome…good lord!! She dressed as “Purgatory.” She looked like the hookers section of purgatory, she was half naked and I loved it! Natalie looked amazing…that girl has a body on her. Drita came dressed as a Bratz Doll in honor of her daughter’s doll. Big Ang and Neil paid homage to the Walking Dead and came dressed as zombies…Mr. and Mrs. “Walker.”

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The party was light-hearted and everyone appeared to be having a great time, that is until Natalie showed Drita a text message from Renee. The message (addressed to Natalie only) stated that Renee felt the Vegas trip was a “set-up.” Drita being Drita, assumed Renee meant she and Ang set her up. Drita becomes enranged and stiiiiiiiiiirs the pot by pulling Ang into her drama. She manages to get Big Ang (who doesn’t view the text) riled up over nothing.

Drita and Ang confront Renee about her text message. Drita starts off by asking Renee why she didn’t come to the party. Renee responds that she didn’t feel the invitation was sincere. Big Ang chimes in….”do you say we set you up” followed up with Drita’s “she showed us the text.” Renee quickly shut them both down and said “I used the word set up but I was not talking about you two.”  That left them both with not much to argue to argue with Rene about.

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