RHONJ: The Government Responds To Joe Giudice’s Motions For Separate Trials

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Teresa and Joe Giudice have suffered another painful blow in their federal fraud case. Earlier this month, Joe’s attorney filed a litany of pretrial motions on his client’s behalf in an attempt to separate his co-defendant, Teresa Giudice trial. Their goal was avoid testifying against each other. Many speculated, Joe’s legal strategy would be to assume all criminal responsibility for his co-defendant, Teresa. Joe is claiming Teresa did not participate or have awareness of the alleged fraud contained in the 41 count indictment. Joe asserted, if he is granted a separate trial, he would take the stand to declare his wife’s innocence but if they have joint trials, he will  exercise his Fifth Amendment right and not take the stand to self-incriminate.

In response to the litany of motions filed, the government has responded. Court documents reveal, in a 46-page memorandum, federal prosecutors are demanding that Joe’s request be Denied.

“Each of Defendants’ pretrial motions must be denied.”

“Teresa and [Joe] appear to share the hope that each may have a better chance of acquittal in a separate trial … ”

“This, however, is not sufficient basis to sever two defendants charged as participants in the same conspiracy and fraudulent scheme.”

The prosecutors see right through Joe’s obvious shenanigans and stated the following:

“[Joe] is conspicuously silent, however, as to whether his intention holds regardless of which trial is held first and regardless of its outcome. If [Joe] will only testify at Teresa’s trial if he is tried first”

Many fans (yes these crooks still have fans), have made outrageous claims to comfort their delicate sensibilities that Teresa is innocent and was simply misled by her criminal husband. The following statement from the government documents explicitly names Teresa’s direct involvement in the fraud. As well as indicate, Joe’s ex-lawyer and ex-business partner Joe Mastropole are working with the government. Their goose is cooked!!!

“It has long been known to both the government and the defense that in some instances the Giudices obtained fraudulent mortgage loans in Teresa’s name by having someone else sign for Teresa at closing . However, it is also true that the Giudices obtained many other fraudulent mortgage loans with Teresa’s direct participation, including instances in which Teresa signed the fraudulent loan documents herself, and it is on the basis of those loans that she is charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and loan application fraud on the indictment.”

The documents further states:

“Although this is only guesswork given her failure to make any proffer as to what she might say and how it might impact her husband. Even if so, however, such difficulty does no  infringe upon a fundamental right, and it manifestly does not require the Court to hold two separate trials on identical offenses for the sake of preserving marital harmony. Defendants’ motion on this basis thus must be denied.”

When will Teresa and Joe get it through their thick skulls they can not tie the court up with frivolous motions in attempts to delay their day in court. The feds hate to be taunted and mocked. Do they think by avoiding their problems, it will simply disappear?

Furthermore, not only do intelligent viewers think Joe is a lying liar but so does the government. In the following statement, the government states:

“He [Joe] has provided false testimony under oath on multiple occasions,”

“And there’s no guarantee he would testify at all, since his lawyers has previously said he wouldn’t.”

Federal prosecutors are now asking the judge to force Teresa and Joe’s legal team to relinquish all “photographs, books, papers, documents, data, photographs, tangible objects” which have not been previously handed over. Teresa and Joe just pissed the government off and opened up new can(s) of worms with their latest stunt.

As previously stated, Joe’s legal defense is using baseless requests as tactical maneuvers to buy Joe and Teresa as much freedom as possible before they are convicted and hauled off to prison. It’s highly expected this case will end in a plea deal conviction and won’t go to trial. Most of Joe’s requests, while within legal rights are ridiculous and will backfire on the couple. It appears these new motions were filed with the intention to create delay after delay, pushing the trial date further away. However, that won’t derail the inevitable. The feds have a bounty of evidence and there is no way, Teresa and Joe will get off. They BOTH will eventually be convicted and sentenced to many years in prison.

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