American Horror Story: Coven Recap – The Seven Wonders [Episode 13]

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The finale episode of American Horror Story:Coven opens with the wonderful Stevie Nicks prancing  through the Robichaux Academy while singing “Seven Wonders” then she departs with “Good luck, girls.”  Nice way to kick-off the finale…kudos Ryan Murphy!

Myrtle plays hostess with the mostess of a “Seven Wonders Last Supper,” the ladies dine on Caspian Cavier before they’re put through the ringer for the title of Supremacy. Oh how I love Myrtle Snow’s sophisticated, stylist, upscale persona.

Let the games begin! The contestants, Madison, Zoe, Queenie and Misty begin the Seven Wonders inquest conducted by Myrtle Snow.

The Seven Wonders Each Supreme Must Possess:

  • Telekinesis: Move objects by mental power
  • Concilium: Mind control over others
  • Descensum: Transport yourself to another plateau of consciences like heaven or hell
  • Transmutation: Move yourself instantaneously from one point and recreated at another
  • Vitalum Vitalis: The power to resurrect the dead
  • Divination: The power to fortune tell
  • Pyrokenisis: The ability to create and control fire with your mind

MyrtleFirst up, the women perform Telekinesis and each move candlestick holders effortlessly. The next assignment is Concilium, the girls and Kyle partake in a bitch slapping, hair pulling and boot licking session. Next challenge is Descensum, the women are transported to their own version of hell. An hourglass timer is used to time this assignment and if they don’t transport themselves back within the alloted time they will die. Queenie returns from the chicken shack quickly — she hates that place. Madison returns from playing the character Lisle in the television version of The Sound of Music — that was a dig at NBC. Zoe’s hell was Frankenstein oops I mean Kyle constantly breaking up with her. Misty Day’s hell is trapped in a science lab, forced to dissect a living frog while ridiculed by her classmates, and repeatedly resurrecting it. This is torture for the swamp witch who dedicated her entire life to the resurrection of people and animals. When time expires, Misty crystallizes into dust. Everyone is noticeably shaken up with the exception of Madison. Cordelia is sobbing.  Why would they allow a “good witch” to suffer in eternal hell is beyond me.

The next test is Transmutation, a Seven Wonders version of hide and seek and Zoe accidentally kills herself when she impaled herself on a wrought iron fence on the school’s property. Cordelia ask Madison if she has the power to bring Zoe back and Madison pompously declines the offer, proclaiming she’s the next Supreme and she won “fair and square” Cordelia and Myrtle sulk about the accidental death and the dreadful thought of Madison being the next Supreme. In this sulking Myrtle prophesied that Cordelia has royal blood in her veins and must perform the Seven Wonders.

Cordelia accepts the challenge and performs the first six wonders easily. The witch’s move on the seventh,wonder, Divination. Cordelia performs the Divination task first and pass with flying colors. Madison is up next and seems noticeably shaken and for good reason. She fails the seventh task repeatedly and in true Madison form she discounts the assignment as flawed and quits the coven. While packing her suitcase she’s confronted by Kyle, who is irate and angry Madison would not bring Zoe back so naturally he kills her. Simultaneously, Cordelia, Myrtle and Queenie are in the greenhouse witnessing Cordelia perform “Vitalum Vitalis” to resurrect Zoe. The scene is powerful as we see Madison dying and Zoe resurrected.

Upon performing the Vitalum Vitalis, Cordelia’s site is restored and behold Robichaux’s new “Supreme” is crowned!

Sarah Paulson in "American Horror Story: Coven " on FX.

First on the agenda for our new Supreme is to unveil the secrecy of the Coven and go public. The Coven becomes a household name over night. Cordelia is interviewed by Fox News and in a poignant interview reveals the misconceptions of being a witch and notifies fellow witches there’s a home for them at the Miss Robichaux Academy.

For all you aspiring witches, email Cordelia at Needless to say, the Coven is quickly flooded with applications and becomes world-renowned.

Myrtle being the witch of integrity she is, confronts Cordelia with the need for her own execution because she violated coven code by killing another witch. Cordelia won’t hear of it and begs Myrtle to reconsider but Myrtle wont relinquish and she is burned at the stake in an emotional gut wrenching execution serenaded by Stevie Nicks. As Cordelia ignites the flames, Myrtle belts out a piercing screech…….Balenciaga!!!!!!!

Myrtle’s burning at the stake was a hard pill to swallow, she was one of my favorites. Rest in hell Myrtle Snow!

Myrtle Snow's Funeral

My favorite Myrtle Snow quotes of the finale:

“Delia….I have something to say and your tasteful modesty is out of fashion so knock it off”

“Thanks to you…we’re entering into a new era… you’ve planted the seeds but in order to reap their harvest, you have to clear the rot of the past”

Almost immediately, witches from near and far flock to Miss Robichaux Academy to sign up. Cordelia appoints Zoe and Queenie her right-hands and make them members of her Council. Before Cordelia can open the doors to the new applicants, she must take care of one last thing.

She’s back……FIONNNNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American-Horror-Story-Coven-3x08-02Cordelia sensing her mother’s presence, discovers that Fiona is not dead. I had a feeling Fiona duped us. Fiona returns looking like “crypt-keeper grey” no bueno!!! Fiona and Cordelia sit down for their final goodbye. Fiona describes how she faked her death with the help of the Axeman to identify the new supreme with the intent to murder her. Fiona admits that she does love her daughter, but Cordelia is not having it, calling her mother a monster. Fiona begs Cordelia to kill her which would solidify her rightful place as supreme. Fiona ends up dying in Cordelia’s arms after what turns out to be their first embrace. Immediately after her death, Fiona wakes up in hell, which is living with the Axeman in some Louisiana backwoods cabin with pine walls…”KNOTTY PINE,” Fiona exclaims!! Ironically, Fiona’s version of hell turns out to be the Axeman’s  version of heaven. Papa Legba, being the keeper of all things evil and hell is tickled pink by the irony and has a great laugh!

With Fiona finally gone for good, Cordelia can now open the doors of the Robichaux Academy and welcome the new applicants with her council, Zoe and Queenie, proudly by her side.

I thought the finale was a nice departure from all the killing this season. Great job! What are your thoughts?

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