American Horror Story: The Coven ReCap – Go To Hell [Episode 12]

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The Supreme Head Witch In Charge (SHWIC), Fiona was FINALLY made into lunch meat and fed to the swamp gators. See you later, alligator!

While I’m sure the rising Supreme’s are out buying black lipstick in celebration, they marveled in all of Fiona’s greatness. Each Robichaux witch feared her power but respected what it took to wear the crown.

Needless to say, Fiona was a total vengeful selfish bitch who stood in their way and needed to go but it’s almost sad Fiona won’t be able to see her trainees perform the seven wonders.

Fiona’s dear daughter, Cordelia is thankfully nothing like her mother. She genuinely has the coven’s best interest at heart and will do everything in her power to save it from her wicked mother.  This has been Cordelia’s mission all season long. Who would have guessed Cordelia’s nonexistent eyes would give her the ability to foresee things.

Tonight’s episode begins with a quick seven wonders tutorial via black and white silent film. We learn that,  transmutation, concilium, decensum, divination, vitalum vitalis, telekinesis and pyrokenisis are the seven wonders the Supreme witch must possess.


Queenie is on a witch-hunt for Marie Laveau. She does some hocus-pocus and summons Papa Legba and is shifted to her version of hell. Hell for Queenie is working at the chicken shack dealing with irate customers. On this plateau, Queenie learns what she needs to from Papa Legba and continues her hunt Marie Laveau. Queenie locates LaLaurie giving tours of her old home. She tries to convince her to repent but LaLaurie would not hear of it, forcing Queenie to void Madame LaLaurie’s immortality card once and for all.


Both Marie Laveau and LaLaurie get their immortal cards revoked this week.  LaLaurie kills Marie by chopping her up like hamburger meat and feeding her to the dogs. Then LaLaurie is stabbed to death by Queenie. This act essentially cancels Marie and LaLaurie’s immortal status with Papa Legba. This act imprisons both Marie and LaLaurie to a lifetime of hell. Hell for both take place in LaLaurie’s slave torture chamber.


My favorite line of the night was delivered compliments of Myrtle Snow, who by the way, gets my vote for witch style icon:

“It’s just like Halston, when he sold his brand to JC Penney…you’ve foresaken your destiny” 

Fiona, becomes very sentimental while getting her portrait painted with thoughts of her impending death on the horizon. In her emotional state (cue “Sentimental Mood” by John Coltrane) with thoughts of dying on her mind, she decides to pass down her mother’s antique necklace to Cordelia. Upon Fiona placing the necklace on Cordelia’s neck, Cordelia experiences a clairvoyant vision of the coven’s future and everyone including herself is dead at the hands of Fiona. At that very moment, Cordelia’s mission to stop her mother became crystal clear.

american-horror-story_0Cordelia springs into action and pays a visit to the Axeman. She notifies him her mother is incapable of loving anyone but herself and she’s playing him. Next order of business is to locate and rescue Misty. Queenie accompanies her on the search and rescue mission. They exhume Misty and Queenie challenges herself by using her ‘untapped’ power to bring her back to life. The trio return to the Robicheaux and all hell breaks loose. Misty goesHAM and mops the floor with Madison’s gold dance fever booty shorts. In the midst of Madison’s well deserved beat-down, the Axeman cometh, wielding his ax and everything comes to a screeching halt. Misty and Madison stop fighting and the women collectively use their wizardry to push the Axeman on his butt. Cordelia sniffs blood and realizes it’s Fiona’s. She then uses her second-sight to discern Fiona is dead. With this discovery, the supremes-in -training commence to killing the Axeman in the fashion he’s accustomed–serial killer style. As the old cliche goes…you live by the sword…you die by the sword.  The revelation that Fiona was fed to gators would mean she could not be revived and glued together by Misty. Is Fiona really dead? That thought was a daunting eye-opener among the coven.

What’s in store for us next week? Our beloved supreme Fiona is dead and a new supreme will rise on Jan 29. I’m rooting for Misty and Queenie but with all the witch’s displaying their new powers any one of them have a shot at the title. Let’s hope AHS does not disappoint.

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