RHOA: Searching for Matrimony, Are Natalie And Christopher Williams Married?

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 1:44am by Staff Writer


On last night’s episode of The , viewers were introduced to new characters. Mrs.  and 1980′s R&B “pantie dropper” , friends of Cynthia and Peter.

From the start, Natalie stepped out on the scene like a bad-ass making all sorts of claims. It was quite entertaining. She first announced, she is the “wife” of Christopher Williams and she knows Todd, Kandi’s fiancé. Natalie seems to be auditioning for a spot on next season’s because she wasted no time serving up the drama. Immediately, she poured piping hot tea about Kandi’s fiance, Todd. She said Todd is always “on the come up” looking for better opportunities, in other words, she’s saying Todd is an opportunist like Mama Joyce and Wendy Williams have claimed.

We did some digging into Natalie’s past and here’s what we’ve uncovered. According to Mediatakeout.com (MTO), Natalie is a lying liar. She is not married to Christopher Williams. MTO is reporting the couple have dated in the past and have a son together but are not currently together or married. The two conspired to pretend to be a married couple for a paycheck and exposure, MTO claims. This sounds very plausible since many couples i.e. Nene & Greg Leakes, Kenya & Walter have all been rumored to do the same. I am liking this Natalie “Williams” chick, she’s perfect real housewives material. needs to replace boring Mynique with Natalie stat!

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