Mob Wives Recap: Malicious And Evil [Episode 7]

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Mob Wives

Last night’s episode begins with Drita on the phone describing to Big Ang the nightmare she had. Ever since she was a little girl, premonitions would come to her in the form of dreams. In her most recent dream, she shoots intruders. Big Ang reassures her not to worry but Drita can’t shake the daunting feeling of impending doom.

Moving on, although Natalie and Renee kissed and made up in Vegas, Natalie is still harboring animosity towards Renee. She met with Drita and Big Ang to rehash the apology Renee gave her. Natalie feels the apology was not sincere and she refuses to let Renee treat her like common street trash.

Drita and Big Ang meet at the Drunken Monkey to gossip about a shocking story. The women gasp at the front page of the Daily News featuring Alicia DiMichele Garofalo. The article accuses Alicia, who is currently out on bail while awaiting sentencing for embezzling union funds of lying to the judge. Apparently, Alicia asked permission to travel to visit her son in college not a leisurely Vegas “all girls” trip. Big Ang is a prison aficionado and explained that lying to the judge is a “big no-no” and can land you back in the slammer immediately.


Drita is in shock!! This is her dream coming true

Big Ang shows Drita the eye-opening pictures of Alicia partying in Vegas

Next, we move on to a delightful family dinner at Big Ang’s house with Ang, AJ, Neil, and AJ’s pregnant girlfriend Gabby. The happy family feast on Italian flair and laugh hysterically at everything from Gabby’s pregnancy to Big Ang’s desire to become pregnant. Gabby says she can’t work because she’s pregnant and Ang strikes back with this gem “when I was pregnant, I was in bars working till I was nine months!” Big Ang tweeted the same message while the show was airing just in case anyone missed it.

Big Ang

Big Ang

Next, Alicia’s world continues to fall apart as Eddie’s sentencing has been postponed and to make matters worst someone is planting stories in the press. When it rains, it pours! Alicia is certain there’s a snitch in the crew and the culprit may be Rene. She visits with her lawyer to discuss the newspaper article and he informs her, the story could potentially land her in prison for five years. As it turns out, he may be right. The judge wants to see Alicia before her sentencing date and according to Drita, that’s not a good sign.

To show Alicia they support her situation, ReneeDrita, and Big Ang go visit Alicia at her home in Philly.  The newspaper allegations that she lied to the judge to attend the Vegas trip is the main topic. Alicia waste no time to convey her beliefs that one of them is leaking info to the press. When Drita informs Alicia that Renee said she heard Alicia admitting to knowing what Eddie does on the wire tap, Alicia flies into a rage and orders Rene to stay out of her business.

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