RHOBH: Kyle Richards Threatens Lisa Vanderpump

Posted on Jan 16 2014 - 2:34am by Staff Writer

Kyle & Lisa

Frenemies, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards are enthralled in a bitter housewives showdown. Kyle Richards has issued a firm ultimatum to the show’s producers — Fire Lisa or I will not return for another season…I will quit the show, a sourced revealed to us.

Kyle told the network ” if you want me on the show then Lisa must get the axe, I can no longer work with her,” said the source close to the situation.

Allegedly, The RHOBH co-stars are not friends but have remained cordial in the public. Recently their feud has hit a feverish pitch and the gloves are off,  Kyle is out for blood. This is fresh off the heels of our report that Bravo has plans to fire Kim. In addition to ourexclusive regarding Kim’s sobriety.

“Kyle is very jealous that Lisa is part of a successful spin-off [Vanderpump Rules] and was disappointed when Bravo passed on her spin-off with her hubby, Mauricio Umansky, the source continued.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ratings this season have been less than stellar in comparison to previous seasons. The network has been scrambling to find ways to increase ratings. Firing Lisa, the most popular housewife, would be a bad business decision.  Bravo has made a significant financial investment in the “Lisa Vanderpump brand.”  From a strategic business standpoint, it’s logical the network supports their top performer who yields return on investment (ROI).


Unfortunately for Kyle, the network does not share her “self perceived” greatness and she is green with envy that Lisa is adored by Bravo and the fans. Kyle thinks that if Lisa is off the show, she’ll naturally step into the role of “fan favorite.”  Kyle may have overplayed her hand as producers are purportedly considering replacing both Kim and Kyle. The producers feel Kyle and Kim are replaceable, according to those close to the situation.

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Supposedly, jealously and Bravo spin-off’s are at the root of the issue. Kyle and Mauricio filmed a spin-off that was not chosen due to boring content and lack of humor. Alternatively, the network selected Vanderpump Rules instead, the source explained.

While on the topic of Vanderpump Rules, the show has been renewed for a third season.  Jax Taylor, star of VPR tweeted the news this week.

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    1st of all Lisa Vanderpump ROCKS! Kyle is jealous your husband’s screwing around n your a goof! Your sister kim omg let’s say dumb crack head. You both hate L.P because she’s smart n beautiful not to mention has more class than you two clowns could buy! Maricio w/e his name is loser lap dog you follow around like an idiot. If the cheating rumors weren’t true then why cry for an entire season he cheats!!!!