Shahs of Sunset Recap: Buttery, Chocolate Croissant Battle

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Last night’s episode of Shahs of Sunset took off running and never slowed down. Mike and Reza kissed and made up, GG and MJ went off the rails, and Mike and MJ stalled over buttery chocolate croissants!

Shahs Of SunsetIn episode 10, Asa played peacemaker of the group, brokering peace treaties between MJ/GG and Mike/Reza. This is quite a different Asa of past seasons. I like the new and improved Asa — hopefully this one stays. She invites GG and MJ over with the intent of fostering a reconciliation between the former drinking buddies prior to the group’s trip to Turkey. Both GG and MJ try to be cordial, it’s early in the day so maybe they hadn’t started drinking yet — who am I kidding!  Smart girl that Asa — inviting the ladies over for lunch instead of dinner.  In the end, MJ apologized to GG and they seemingly move on.

Next on the agenda, the women conspire to restore harmony between Mike and Reza. Their goal is to get the boys together to hash out their differences and make up.  They make plans to have a group get-together at the race-track in a private suite loaned to MJ by one of her clients.

The morning after Asa’s Diamond Water launch party, Mike and Jessica lay in bed and discuss the previous night’s events. Jessica describes to Mike the extent of his behavior and Mike is astonished to learn he behaved foolishly; by yelling and crying.

Next, Lilly, the bobble head Persian Barbie appears on my television screen and I fast forward. She’s boring and serves no purpose this season. If she returns next season, her role should be downgraded to “friend of a Shah.”


Shahs Of Sunset2Asa invites struggle bird Lilly over for a cooking lesson. Lilly has no concept of what cooking is and food for that matter. Needless to say, Asa was wasting her time and Lilly will exercise her culinary prowess by picking up a phone and ordering take-out. The pair get into a conversation about Asa‘s deep pain and turmoil over not being able to travel to her motherland of Iran. This is due to her refuge status when exiled from the country. Lilly seems to think Asa is overreacting and reacts in a dismissive manner. Which is typical Lilly, considering her self-centered personality.

The gang pile in a Bravo provided limo and off they go to the races! Of course, before they arrived, the drinking and arguing ensued. Reza thought it was a good time to tell MJ that Mike said she’s weak. The crew made a pit stop at Starbuck’s and all hell broke loose over a “buttery, chocolate croissant.”  Mike tells MJ she should not get one implying she’s fat. Needless to say, MJ was pissed and wouldn’t let it go. Memo to Mike — never get between a woman and her buttery, chocolate croissant!

They arrive at the racetrack and  things are calm for a short period. Reza and Mike discuss their issues and settle it like adults. MJ is still mad at Mike for insulting her weight.  Then out of nowhere, MJ starts in on GG and the two go at it like “drunk” cats in a back alley. They both appear inebriated so it’s difficult to pick a side. The others intervened to separate the ladies but I wish they hadn’t, the argument was quite comical to see.

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