Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Shocker!

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Kim Richards

A source connected to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, revealed a shocking secret about one of the stars of the show.

According to our source, Kim Richards, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is allegedly perpetuating a fraud for the viewers. Kim paints an image of sobriety for the cameras and once the cameras stop rolling, Kim supposedly partakes in her favorite pastime of boozing and self medicating on prescription pills, per our source.

This sounds like a trip down memory lane ala Paris last season.

According to our source, one particularly alarming incident occurred while filming season four. The ladies were filming on location at a hotel, when they were done for the day Kim reputedly went missing. Kim could not be located in her room and the production crew went into full-blown AMBER alert/search & rescue for Kim. After a frantic search, the crew located her in a different hallway on the same floor. Kim was ostensively unresponsive, cold and naked from the waist down. Stunned by Ms. Richard’s degraded state, a producer and two production assistants hurriedly carried her body back to her room. We’re told the producers and crew were immensely shaken by the experience.

Our source said, the producers are fed up with Kim’s risky antics. Ms. Richards has caused numerous problems, constant delays and frustrated other cast members; and for those reasons, it’s likely she won’t be asked back for another season.

According to our source:

“The show views her as too difficult to control, unreliable and a liability”

The only person pushing for Kim’s return is her sister and co-star, Kyle Richards. We’re told, “a friend of housewife” is the only capacity Bravo would explore for Kim’s return.

In season one, Kim’s alcoholism was outed by her sister Kyle on the season finale. Back in 2011 Bravo allegedly gave Kim an ultimatum, go to rehab or risk being released from the show.  Kim purportedly took the offer for help and went to rehab. The viewers witnessed Kim struggle with her demons throughout previous seasons and believed she was on the road to recovery by the clean and sober persona she plays on the show.

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