RHONJ: Have Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga Joined Forces?

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The Bravomeister is at it again!

Filming for season six of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently underway and already we’re being bombarded with the usual shenanigans.

I thought when the master puppeteer exited stage left, the standards of the franchise would elevate. That was wishful thinking on my part.

Via Radar Online,the women embarked on a  Bravo organized bonding trip to Atlantic City that ended in drama and arguing. Arch nemesis Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice have “joined” forces to school their new co-stars. The wonder weave twins informed the newbies who the real guidettes of Jeerzey are.  Such classy women!  Two fame whores demanding the spotlight be shined on them only. Shocker!

Too bad for Melissa and Teresa, the viewers are not interested in the new women – twin sisters Nicole and Teresa Napolitano or a newbie versus veterans feud.  This is the Real Housewives of New Jersey not Survivor!


Fans of the show want to see the saga of Teresa Giudice’s fraud indictment chronicled not fabricated fights. The best story line for Bravo to exploit is the impending doom of the Giudice family’s…fears, tears, delusions of grandeur and preparation for a life behind bars.

I’ll agree with you TreHuggers just this once, the new season should entirely focus on Teresa — the “star” of the show.  Bravo should title season six “Countdown to Lockdown — The Teresa Giudice Fraud Story” equipped with Dina, the hired best friend by her side to wipe her tears and hold her hand.  Dina “Zen” Manzo is going through a divorce and needs the cash therefore the timing is perfect.  Teresa views Dina as a confidant and trustworthy friend.  In the wise words of Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa likes soldiers (blind loyalty) not real friends and Dina fits the bill perfectly!

Bravo, season six has the potential to be the most dramatic season ever. Pay Attention Puleeeeze!!

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