Another Day, Another Kim Kardashian Selfie

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Another day, another Kim Kardashian selfie. Why not…what else does the self-absorbed talentless slore star have to offer the world…certainly not a discovery in molecular genetics!

On January 4, Kim and her new bff, Blac Chyna, who’s an ex-stripper with a made in Mexico donkey booty, posted scantily clad images on Instagram. Say cheese!

Kim Kardashian

“Getting right for the new year,”  Kim captioned in this booty selfie

I caption the image above “selfie of dueling donkey booties”

The reality star has been flaunting her post pregnancy body at every opportunity that presents itself.  Kim supposedly achieved her weight loss through diet and exercise. Which is likely since Kim is no stranger to working hard  on her back for fame.

Kim gave birth to her baby girl North West in June 2013.

Kim Kardashian

“Getting right for the new year,” Kim captioned in this pic of her abs and cleavage. 

“Getting right for the new year” could that imply Kim’s perfecting her physique in preparation for a 2014 wedding?  She recently got engaged to her baby daddy, Kanye West, so we may see a Kardashian wedding this year for the celebrity couple.

I was hoping this public display of self-worship and debauchery, known as the selfie, would die in 2013. I was dreaming of Twitter timelines filled with #RipSelfie hashtags, instead 2014 will be another year of #HoesBeWinning. I digress!

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