Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Sales Are Down

Posted on Dec 28 2013 - 10:01pm by Staff Writer

Bethenny Frankel

The walls are starting to crumble around the empire.  First, the sordid divorce to , then her failing talk show and its dismal ratings. Can 2013 get any worst for Bethenny? Yes, it can! Now,  products are reporting poor sales in 2013.  It appears, the retail public has finally wised up and are ignoring the God-awful products on liquor store shelves.  According to Beam Global Spirits & Wine, sales were down 29% in October. Beam Global Spirits & Wine bought the brand from Frankel two years ago for an estimated $120 million. Bethenny sold all rights to the brand but remained on as an adviser and face of the brand.

“Low-calorie [alcohol offerings] didn’t perform in 2013,” says Edward Hsyeh, an US research analyst with Euromonitor, a market research firm. “People are looking more into quality over quantity.”  The alcoholic beverage products are marketed as low-calorie cocktails. Many consumers have scoffed at the processed and high acidic taste. I’ve always attributed the brand’s success to Bethenny’s shining star power but it appears her star power is fading quickly. The curse of reality TV has struck again and I will raise my glass to this one–Cheers!

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